Introduction to Bonuses

The first casino was invented in 1996. It was having 18 different online games. Since then, there are hundreds of casinos that have joined to slash the gambling pie. For example, has a different variety of online casinos available for NewZealand players. Players can now smile since they have different options to select from. The main goal of any casino is to attract and retain as many players as possible. That is why we can all online casinos are in direct rivalry. They will offer their players different offers such as free games and bonuses. There are different bonuses available depending on the type of casino. The most popular bonus available curently is a non-deposit bonus.

What is Non-Deposit Bonus?

Non deposit bonus is a special type of bonus where you can play and win real money without having to deposit something in your account. All you need is to register an account with that casino and be ready to claim your bonus. Finding such a bonus offer is a privilege. Only online casinos with a large market share can afford that. A non-deposit bonus is usually small in size. You don't expect a casino to give away large volume of cash. They can go broke within days. Non-deposit bonuses are available mostly to new players to welcome them. You can use a no-deposit bonus to try different types of games available and if lucky, you can win something.

  • Claim your bonus only when you are sure with the terms and coditions involved.

There are different ways you can acquire a non-deposit bonus. The most obvious way is when you register and verify your account. In most cases, you have to verify your email and account details. Other casinos will require you to subscribe to their newsletters or even like and share their pag on social media. Non-deposit bonus can be a form of a fixed amount of cash. However, it can also be a some free spins on a slot game. It is always good to be keen when before you are enticed by such freebies. If you see that the bonus amount seems unrealistic, you should shy away from such a casino. Most of them are scams.

The majority of bonuses come with a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is simply the number of rounds you have to play your bonus before you can withdraw it to cash. Every casino will state the wagering requirement on their bonus policy. Such information is always hidden somewhere. It is your duty to dig deep to find it. Just because a casino does not state the wagering requirement, it does not mean that it is not there. It is not good to do assumption. In a few cases, you will find a non-wagering bonus with no deposit bonus. Such bonuses are the best. However, they are available to s special class of players such as VIPs or seasoned players.


Why Have a Wagring Requirement on Non-deposit Bonus

In most cases, non-deposit bonuses attract the highest wagering requirement compared to other bonuses. The main reason is that most players will misuse such offers. They will register to the casino site, play the non-deposit bonus and leave. Casinos will want to retain players for more time. There is no industry standard when determining the size of the wagering requirements. It is up to the casino owners to decide. Most of them range from x15 to x50. That is why should should be keen on the wagering requirement before accepting the bonus. After getting the value of the wagering requirement, it is good to do some mathematics and see if it makes any sence to you.

For example, if a casino is giving a non-deposit bonus of €10. The wagering requirement is set at 20x for 30 days. It means you have to wager a minimum of €200 withing a period of 30 days before you can withdraw your bonus cash or any cash associated with your bonus. Such winnings will remain in a virtual account until you satisfy the wagering requirement. In case you fail to do so within 30 days, the bonus plus bonus winnings will be withdrawn from you. It is always good to accept realistic bonuses. An ideal non-deposit bonus should have a wagering requirement of less than 40x. Games from larges casino studios seem to have the best wagering requirement.